We shall source the necessary items you require and provide you with up-to-date catalogues and prices.


We shall quote the best possible prices based on FOB, C&F, or CIF based on full container loads and/or consolidated cargo loads. Just tell us your quantities.

Security and Inspection of Cargo

We inspect the cargo prior to loading into containers and place the relevant shipping company's seal on the door.

Cargo Consolidation

Should you want to buy smaller quantities of each item but to be shipped out as consolidated cargo, we shall assist you in consolidating and containerizing the cargo, which may allow you to save on the necessary shipping charges.

Private Branding

Private Branding account for one out of every five items sold every day in the stores. These brands represent a huge amount of current retail business, and are reaching new levels of growth each year.

We help importers source the necessary products and assist them in manufacturing their private brand of products. We also advise you what items to add in your line of merchandise.

Thus importers are fast becoming quasi-manufacturers and have to oversee initiatives previously outside their domain of supply chain. These include areas as sourcing and manufacturing, designing and packaging. With this responsibility come the need and knowledge for supply chain visibility, management systems, and the understanding of how to effectively source goods in a global economy.

Private Branding and Global Manufacturing is a complex set of business processes that connect languages, currencies, time zones, and regulations.

We help importers source products, source factories where the products will be manufactured and transport the goods across borders. In other words, we are your virtual factory, virtual warehouse and virtual shipper.


Packaging is an essential tool for selling a product in the marketplace. Successful package design not only helps in production efficiency, superior performance and safe distribution but has a stunning point-of purchase impact that delights customers and drives sales at every level in the package value chain. It can be the critical factor in the success and failure of any product.

We can assist you in product packaging and designing through our network of professional designers to give your product its best look.